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Original Digital Series
The Big SHFT
11 episodes

10 innovators changing our world for the better

Lighten Up
13 episodes

Great bands showing us how they tour green.

Brooklyn Informed
11 episodes

A bastion of progressive eco-conscious culture changers makes Brooklyn a cool place to explore

Gardens NYC
6 episodes

Within the urban jungle, New Yorkers claim their little patch of green

3 episodes

LA County Museum of Art partnered with SHFT on a series about food, community, and broadening the definition of art.

7 episodes

SHFT produced a series of Public Service Announcements around recent environmental policy.

Young Farmers
11 episodes

An up-close look at the kids that are shaping our sustainable food future, presented by Lockerz and SHFT

SHFT Events
2 episodes

SHFT @ Sundance and SHFT @ SXSW

Original Series: Eat LACMA

Fallen Fruit, an art collective of three artists who were featured on Adrian and Peter's TV show Alter Eco, have been playing with the idea of public fruit for a while. They gather fruit from public spaces, Kumquats overflowing onto sidewalks, lemon trees in parks - wherever the law allows - and they make vodka infusions, jams and pies and share them during amazing and wonderful gatherings. From fuit tree adoptions to tomato fights, to a fish taco garden, EATLACMA is full of edible surprises. The series focuses our attention on the relationship we have to food, to our communites, and to the seasons. It's an area we love to explore at SHFT and the fact that a museum would frame this work as art is something we applaud.

3 episodes
The Food Pyramid
Tomato Hootenanny
Orange Trees



Eat LACMA: The Food Pyramid

Artist collective Didier Hess designs and builds a food pyramid/fish taco farm on the LACMA campus. more

Eat LACMA: Tomato Hootenanny

Eat LACMA hosts a folk music jam celebrating growing food. more

Eat LACMA: Orange Trees

In the first installation of SHFT's Eat LACMA series, Fallen Fruit gifts mandarin orange trees to spread a community of food and culture. more