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Original Digital Series
The Big SHFT
11 episodes

10 innovators changing our world for the better

Lighten Up
13 episodes

Great bands showing us how they tour green.

Brooklyn Informed
11 episodes

A bastion of progressive eco-conscious culture changers makes Brooklyn a cool place to explore

Gardens NYC
6 episodes

Within the urban jungle, New Yorkers claim their little patch of green

3 episodes

LA County Museum of Art partnered with SHFT on a series about food, community, and broadening the definition of art.

7 episodes

SHFT produced a series of Public Service Announcements around recent environmental policy.

Young Farmers
11 episodes

An up-close look at the kids that are shaping our sustainable food future, presented by Lockerz and SHFT

SHFT Events
2 episodes

SHFT @ Sundance and SHFT @ SXSW

Original Series: Gardens NYC

This series was spearheaded by Adrian, whose appreciation of the nature found within the city has always been a part of the beauty of his New York. Director Jason Banker finds a range of subjects -- idiosyncratic Manhattanites and Brooklynites who have cultivated their own gardens and found corners to plant and grow things from vegetables and fruit for their kitchens to herbs for homemade wellness formulas. The juxtaposition of urban landscape and green oasis is evident in each one of these episodes. There's a balance in life that is somehow crystalized in New York when it comes to concrete vs. nature. Where the hectic buzz of productivity gives way to a peaceful little garden. The combination -- in the right proportions -- can be ideal.

6 episodes
Patrick's Place
Green Retreat
Isa's Oasis
Creative Living
It All Ties In
Peter's Place



Gardens NYC: Patrick's Place

Urban gardening comes up from underground. more

Gardens NYC: Green Retreat

A landscape designer's backyard oasis in Williamsburg. more

Gardens NYC: Isa's Oasis

Isa Brito's herbal elixirs spring from the healing plants in her Williamsburg garden. more

Gardens NYC: It All Ties In

A '60s flower child and native Brooklynite shows off his gawwden more

Gardens NYC: Peter's Place

Sowing seeds on a Brooklyn rooftop more