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America ReCycled

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on January 31, 2011 in Travel
  • As we write, two brothers are making their way across the United States on self-built bikes made from recycled trash, documenting their search for eco-villages, urban farming initiatives, and new ideas for business. America ReCycled, as Tim and Noah Hussin have dubbed their project, is a quest for the lost American Dream. In their own words:

    "The modern American is so disconnected from those who make our lives possible. The farmers that grow our food, the artists who write our favorite songs, the manual laborers who build our homes...the very building blocks of our lives do not comprise our community. Rather, we find ourselves lost in an endless economy of strangers."

    Thus far, the brothers have made three short films, one covering their bike-build at an Asheville, NC bicycle co-op, another on their stay at an urban homestead called The Montana House, and the third, “Notes from the Road,” documenting their early days of the journey. Great stuff.

    You can follow the Hussin's daily exploits on Twitter

    (via Cold Splinters)





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