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  • Posted by on November 2, 2010 in Politics
  • A Republican wave swept across the United States last night, as a reenergized GOP reclaimed control of the House and made substantial gains in the Senate. Wait, it gets better: A number of far right Tea Party insurgents were voted into office as well.

    President Obama acknowledged the beating his party took at the polls, calling the results "humbling" and pledging to "work harder" to build consensus.

    Here in California, the widespread Republican electoral success stopped at the border. Democrat Jerry Brown cruised to an easy victory in the Governor's race and incumbent U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) will be going back to Washington for a fourth term.

    California's environmental ballot measures yielded mixed results. The most important one, Prop. 23, lost badly, as voters hollered a resounding "Hell NO!" to dirty energy interests. Here's how the results of the other environment-related ballot initiatives looked:

    • Prop 20 - APPROVED - Will remove authority for drawing congressional district boundaries from elected Reps and place in hands of an unelected commission.

    • Prop 25 - APPROVED - An attempt to address California's budget deadlock, this prop will require a simple majority (instead of two-thirds) to pass budgets. Environmentalists supported the measure.

    • Prop 26 - APPROVED - With a Yes campaign financed largely by Chevron, Prop 26 has been called "the Polluters Protection Act." Will require that certain state and local fees and taxes be approved by two-thirds vote.

    • Prop 21 - REJECTED - Would have increased vehicle license fees to fund state parks and wildlife programs.

    Visit Grist to get the full scoop on environmental ballot measures in the rest of the country.

    Photo: Voters fill out ballots in Los Angeles. Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times





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