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An Englishman Abroad: Greg Holland in Myanmar

  • Posted by SHFT on April 29, 2013 in Photography
  • Earlier this year, photographer Greg Holland fled the inhospitable British winter for the tropical climes of Southeast Asia, setting up shop in one of the least visited countries on earth: Myanmar. Based in Yangon, he's been staying busy exploring the country and capturing evocative pics of a place that has seen very few foreigners within its borders. The photos paint a colorful picture of a culture that few outsiders have had a chance to see.

    Talking to It's Nice That, Greg discussed how his work life has changed since moving to Myanmar: 

    Being able to survive on about $5 a day means I’m not pulling my hair out anymore. I’m working on my own projects while in talks with NGOs and charities out here who need their work documenting... There’s no tourists really, never have been, so everyone is genuinely interested in foreign people. Nobody’s trying to hustle you, so I just find myself talking to people everywhere I go.

    (via It's Nice That)





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