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Analog Photos by Genevieve Bjargardottir

  • Posted by SHFT on December 21, 2012 in Photography
  • Lovers of analog photography will find plenty to savor in the portfolio of Genevieve Bjargardottir, a 27-year old with an unpronounceable name currently studying creative photography in Gamleby, Sweden. Genevieve clearly spends a lot of time traveling, as evidenced by her photo sets from BerlinItaly, and Spain. But most of her time is split between Sweden and Iceland, and it's in these Nordic countries that these selections were shot. Beautiful, dreamy images, full of film's endearing flaws. We're always psyched to discover new photographers that shoot film.

    Genevieve may use throwback photo tech, but her digital presence is vast. Find her on Blogspot, Flickr, and Instagram.





    Eyjafjallajkull in Time-Lapse

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