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Ars Natura: Top 7 Climate Stamps

  • Posted by karl burkart on February 10, 2010 in Art
  • Mostly missed in the U.S. press but last year (even I just discovered it) was this innovative campaign led by the government postal services of Finland and Chile calling attention to the need to ‘Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers.’ Over 30 more countries joined in and some of them produced some spectacular collectible stamp sheets. Here are my 7 favorites:

    7. Aland

    The tiny cluster of islands halfway between Finland and Sweden in the windy, stormy Gulf of Bothnia chose to highlight the one resource that could make the little nation-state energy independent – wind.

    6. Australian Antarctic Territory

    Huge chunks of ice have been breaking off of the ice mass in the Antarctic territory, some making their way as far north as New Zealand. This stamp takes to the air..

    5. Croatia

    Not exactly sure they decided to show the sun in eclipse, but the cantilevered arm of melting ice is pretty spectacular.

    4. Estonia

    The Estonians are prone to drama (read my piece on Swan Song by Estonian artist Jass Kaselaan) and this stamp sheet certainly evokes increasing surface temperatures with the break-up of some of the largest ice sheets in the world.

    3. Greenland

    I thought Greenland, being home to some of the most dramatic examples of melting glaciers would have focused on the obvious but instead they did this childlike snow flake pattern made of people, birds and hearts floating down over an abstracted glacier terrain.

    2. Iceland

    Iceland pulled out the infographics to show the projected melting of the arctic ice cap by the year 2100.

    1. Argentina

    My favorite – this is the first graphic I’ve seen that directly links personal actions (like recycling and energy conservation) with the preservation South America’s last –standing glaciers.





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