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Backyard Chickens

  • Posted by Mitchell Flexo on July 4, 2010 in Home/Garden
  • As more and more people come to terms with the negative consequences of industrial food production, many are turning to backyard gardens and localizing their diets. Along with these changes, there has been growing interest in backyard chicken coops for their gifts of eggs and meat. In addition, chickens provide pest patrol, process compost for the garden, and provide a touch of our agrarian past for the modern urbanite.

    Not only that, but a chicken raised properly in your own yard will be a much healthier bird in general. Chickens do not need very much room to thrive — around 7.5 square feet of space per bird is perfectly adequate. This means that having a small chicken coop in ones yard could be more practical than most would think. There are many chicken coops on the market that are aesthetically appealing and work incredibly well. While not for everyone, chicken coops do provide incredible resources for human consumption in very small spaces, and setting up a coop and getting some laying hens could turn into your new favorite hobby!

    - Mitchell Flexo





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