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Bryan Nash Gill: Woodcut

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on April 18, 2012 in Art
  • The work of Bryan Nash Gill is deeply rooted in the physical environment. From his base in rural Connecticut, the artist creates incredibly detailed relief prints of cross-cut trees, which he salvages around his home. After cutting blocks with a chainsaw, Bryan sands, burns, and shellacs them, before applying a sheet of Japanese washi paper over an inked section of tree, then carefully rubbing the paper until the textures and patterns of the tree section are revealed. The intense interaction with nature suits Bryan, who is as much a woodsman as an artist.

    Soon, we'll be able to view his work in book format. "Woodcut," a lavishly printed new artist monograph, can be pre-ordered via Princeton Architectural Press.

    View more of the Woodcuts series here.





    Watch Bryan Nash Gill in Action

  • Months before his unexpected passing, videographer Philip Leaman captured the 'Woodcuts' artist at his Connectitut studio
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