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Chocolate with a Conscience

  • Posted by on February 14, 2010 in Food
  • Valentine’s Day is probably the most polarizing of holidays. While all the smug couples delight in gazing into each other’s eyes over a prix fixe and a bottle of pink champagne, all the tragic singles are left to fend for themselves. And the holiday has become so aggressive that it takes hard work to avoid being gawked at like you’re some romatically-challenged leper. Fear not readers. If you fall into this category, I have a suggestion that will give you the last laugh.

    This year while all the lovebirds are out devouring their genetically modified meals and drinking their climate-killing imported spirits, you can take pride in the fact that the chocolate you’re using to numb the pain is fairly traded and organically grown. The good people over at the Green Fork scoured Manhattan for all the ethically sound chocolate they could find - which proved to a surprisingly difficult feat - and conducted a comprehensive, highly-scientific taste test. Check out where you can get yours and what the experts had to say.

    -Trevor Aune





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