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Choosing Your Houseplant

  • Posted by SHFT on January 14, 2013 in Home/Garden
  • Wilder Quarterly, the quarterly (duh) journal of all things plant-related, is one of our favorite magazines out there right now. With inspiring content from green thumbs, rooftop gardeners, chefs, seed savers, architects, hobby farmers, and horticulturalists, WQ's interests are fully aligned with ours. 

    The latest Wilder Quarterly blog post offers some simple tips on something that often stymies us: indoor plant selection. According to the post, choosing appropriate houseplants all comes down to light. Look at which way your windows are facing and use this guide for happy, healthy houseplants:

    Facing South or West: Look for plants that like “bright light,” which means a plant craves direct light all day long. Specifically for West facers: the light coming through your window is less harsh than the South, so really – you have a world of options, since many plants can’t take the direct heat from a South facing window. Try the following: cacti, any variety of succulents such as jade or aloe vera. You also have options like the statuesque Fiddle Fig (a type of ficus), pretty begonias and indoor boxwoods.

    Facing East or interior locations: You’ll want to look for that are labeled with “indirect light.” These plants crave ambient or dappled light. Amazon Elephant Ears and the Chamaedorea Palm are two of my favorites for these locations. Also, the very pretty Crown of Thorns can bring flowers into these oddly lit corners.

    Facing North: If you’ve got windows facing this direction, you aren’t alone. Many rooms, especially in cities, are “low light”. Take special note:  if it’s winter – a room can go from indirect light to low light in the course of the season. Try the very friendly Aglaonema ’Emerald Star’ or the hanging plant, Grape Ivy. Both do incredibly well in low lit situations. Philodendrons are also great for novice growers.

    All set? Get growing!

    (via Wilder Quarterly)

    Photo via Wikimedia Commons





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