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Cloud Lamps

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on March 8, 2010 in Architecture
  • Yu Jordy Fu's recycled paper Cloud Lamps launched in early 2009, so we're about a year late on this one (so like a century in real life time). But since SHFT just got going a couple months ago, and since the lamps are so AMAZING, we figure it's okay to revisit.

    Handmade from recycled paper, the Cloud Lamp Collection takes a distinctly contemporary approach to the ancient Chinese art of paper cutting.

    “For thousands of years we used paper to write, paint and communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires," explains Jordy Fu, "Paper cutting is a unique art form, Chinese women use this graceful and intricate media to record the joy and surprises of their lives and decorate their homes.”

    Because they are cut, folded and sculpted by hand, no two lampshades are the same.

    Treated with a non-flammable spray, the stunning shades fold flat for easy shipping or storage and can be used as hanging, floor or table lamps. Just add a low energy light bulb and you've got yourself a unique, envronmentally friendly design piece.

    Browse and buy Cloud Lamps from the online shop.





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