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David Kimelman: Natural Order

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on April 11, 2013 in Photography
  • In our cities of glass and pavement, we humans have a tendency to view ourselves as somehow separate from the natural environment. It's nonsense, of course, we are as much a part of the natural order as an elephant or an insect. But it's a powerful facade, one that makes "nature" seem otherworldly, something to be fascinated and repulsed by.

    Brooklyn-based photographer David Kimelman has us an unabiding interest in the natural world, and the strange ways that humans relate to it. It's an interest we have in common, so when he emailed to share his work with us, we were super pleased to find his ongoing Natural Order series, which looks at "the complex, tenuous, and often contradictory relationships people have with the natural world."

    David describes the images:

    They express our fear of elemental chaos, alienation from nature, and our attempts to protect ourselves and put ourselves above the natural order. However, these images also reveal our fascination with natural beauty and wildness, and our reverence for the immutable forces of our planet.

    Awesome work. Prints are available here.






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