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Desert Breath by by D.A.ST. Arteam

  • Posted by SHFT on February 24, 2014 in Art
  • Located in Egypt's Sahara Desert, “Desert Breath” is a massive land art installation in the form of two spirals emerging from a 100-foot-wide circular depression. Covering over a million square feet of desert, the monumental piece is visible on Google Earth. It is a collaboration between artist Danae Stratou and architects Alexandra Stratou and Stella Constantinides, who created the project between 1995 and 1997. The piece has since been left to slowly disintegrate, turned over to the forces of nature that created it. 

    Located between the sea and a body of mountains at the point where the immensity of the sea meets the immensity of the desert, the work functions on two different levels in terms of viewpoint: from above as a visual image, and from the ground, walking the spiral pathway, a physical experience.

    (via Visual News, Colossal)

    Photos by D.A.ST. Arteam





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