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Ellie Davies: Between the Trees

  • Posted by SHFT on February 19, 2014 in Photography
  • UK photographer Ellie Davies' chosen place of work is the forest, where she intervenes to explore the complex relationship between the landscape and the individual. Forests, which in the UK include ancient woodlands, timber forestry, and wildlife reserves, represent the confluence of nature and culture, of natural landscape and human activity. They are also powerful symbols, places of danger and mystery in folklore and fairy tales, and metaphors for the dark, hidden unconscious.

    In Between the Trees, Davies' camera captures smoke drifting through the woodlands in eerie images that play to forests' sense of mystery:

    Between the Trees explores the nature and meaning of ‘Forest’ by considering the experience of standing alone inside the woods; the eerie and captivating sensation that time has slowed down and that the forest and everything within it exists in a different state from everything outside, somehow set apart from our usual perception of linear time. The wind drops, the air cools, all is quiet and still and the forest envelops us. To enter this other realm is to accept a slowing of time and a shift in perception. 

    The altered landscapes not only reflect on Davies’ deep personal relationship with the forest, but also call into question the concept of landscape as a social and cultural construct.

    (via Faith is Torment)





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