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Ellie Davies: Dwellings

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on June 13, 2012 in Art
  • There may be no activity that better exemplifies a child's sense of creation and play than building a fort. Whether constructed in the living room from cushions and furniture, or in the outdoors from sticks or snow, the fort invokes nostaglia in all of us. London-based photographer Ellie Davies, whose work we spotted at Arkitip, nicely taps into that vibe with her wistful and dreamy Dwellings series, which comments on man's temporal relationship with nature. For the works, Davies built and shot a collection of nest-like structures from branches collected from the floor of England's New Forest. The gaping entrances to the Dwellings seems to beckon the viewer to come inside. Dig the melancholy aura of this series.





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