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Ethiopia's Omo Valley Photographed by Steve McCurry

  • Posted by SHFT on March 19, 2014 in Photography
  • Esteemed American photographer Steve McCurry, who is perhaps best known for his iconic "Afghan Girl' image, has built a 30-year career traveling the world to career to document traditional cultures before their transition to modernity. In 2012 he travelled to southwestern Ethiopia to live with and shoot the Kara and Surma tribes of the Omo Valley. The project was set up by Omo Child, a chariity founded by Lale Lubuko and photographer John Rowe, offering eduction and care of children who are considered mingi (cursed) by their tribe and either sent to die in the desert or ritualistically murdered.

    As McCurry sees it, traditional ways of life are fast disappearing.. "What I've been doing is trying document cultures before they're lost forever," he says. "At least we have some record that it existed at one time."

    For more on McCurry's Omo Valley project, check out this fascinating video featuring the photographer in discussion with Rowe.

    (via The Fox is Black)





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