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Exquisite Travel Photos by Jeff Luker

  • Posted by SHFT on September 22, 2011 in Photography
  • Jeff Luker is no stranger to moving around. Born in Massachusetts, the 25 year-old photographer moved to NYC for art school, where he was an assistant to Ryan McGinley. Now living in Portland, OR, Jeff travels all over shooting photos for big name clients like Urban Outfitters, Vice and Dazed & Confused

    But it's his personal photography of road trips with his friends that caught our eye. Featuring puny subjects standing awestruck in the midst of sublime natural beauty and rays of light penentrating through forest mist, Jeff's pics are beautiful in the extreme.

    On getting into photography, Jeff says, "I was very influenced by the book Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes where he discusses the studium and punctum of a photo. Especially the punctum which he says is the wounding, personal detail of a photo. I think all great photos have both cultural significance and something deeply personal."

    No argument here.

    Like what you see? Add Jeff's blog to your reader. 





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