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Farming Fish Sustainably at Skuna Bay Salmon

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on January 5, 2012 in Food
  • As food issues go, they don't come more divisive than fish farming. Even within the environmentalist community, there are people on both sides of the argument. Advocates argue that aquaculture reduces stress on wild seafood stocks, while opponents point to viruses and sea lice that spread from farms to wild fish. 

    Nowhere is this fish farm debate more lively than on British Columbia's west coast, where I happen to live. At Skuna Bay Salmon on Vancouver Island, Stewart Hawthorn and his team are taking salmon farming to a more sustainable future, raising farm-to-chef fish in natural, glacier-fed ocean waters in Nootka Sound. Skuna Bay's "craft-raised" fish are swimming their way into the hearts of salmon fans down the west coast, and the outfit recently landed partnership with the Aquarium of the Pacific's Seafood For The Future program.

    At Cool Hunting, writer Julie Wolfson recently caught up with Hawthorn to discuss the Skuna Bay story. Head over to CH to read the interview.  

    (via Cool Hunting)





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