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Flora Grubb Gardens

  • Posted by SHFT on April 7, 2010 in Home/Garden
  • I had heard about Flora Grubb through several un-related people. She's created a native, drought-tolerant beautiful oasis that has become the city's crown jewel of plant shops. One friend mentioned she'd been profiled in Vogue, another that he buys his fruit trees from her and that his kids love going there. While attending our good friends Kestrin Pantera and Jonathan Grubb's wedding this past weekend, I got to meet Flora Grubb (the sister of the groom) in person at her garden where the unique and wonderful wedding took place.

    The garden was downright magical, even with a lot of the flora and fauna removed for the party. Adrian (Greneir) and Lauren (Gropper) were both there - as well as Clark (Stiles), SHFT's web designer - so we were well represented. The notion of this growing community of like-minded people who are conscious of the need to live more sustainably was palpable. And it went further than that. Every so often there is a beautiful melding of creativity and nature - sustainablity and art - that SHFT looks to capture. That spirit was alive and well and living at Flora Grubb Gardens.

    Her living wall is above and beyond the other wall-hanging succulents I've seen - and I've seen a few. If you're interested in making your own 20 x 20 living wall, check out Flora Grubb Gardens.

    With good friends and a fantastical venue, the wedding was pretty spectacular - but it was also a sort of confirmation that we are indeed making a cultural shift in the right direction.





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