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Forest Protection Deal Signed in Canada

  • Posted by Mitchell Flexo on May 20, 2010 in All
  • A historic moment for industry and environmentalists in Canada this week, as conservation groups and lumber companies agreed to place a three year moratorium on the logging of a massive swath of northern Boreal forest. At 278,000 square miles, it's one of largest forest conservation settlements ever made, and is widely seen as a win win for all parties involved. In addition to providing habitat for many endangered species, Boreal forests also act as carbon sinks in the fight against global warming. From an environmental point of view, the settlement preserves valuable wild habitat and helps reduce deforestation, in turn slowing climate change. From industry's point of view, the decision helps certify their products as "green," and appeal to a growing number of consumers buying sustainable forest products. This means higher prices when the moratorium ends. Since the lumber industry is already is facing a surplus of supply and a decrease in demand, the agreement makes even more sense. This type of reconciliation between environmental groups and industry should serve as an example that saving the planet and addressing climate change is not only possible, but can be profitable for all.

    -Mitchell Flexo

    (Via LA Times)




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