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Free and Easy Travel Photos by Magdalena Wosinska

  • Posted by SHFT on April 25, 2014 in Travel
  • Born in Warsaw and based in Los Angeles, Magdalena Wosinska has an uncanny ability for capturing images that convey a sense of youthful spontaneity and fun. Her subjects, generally stunningly attractive twentysomethings, do much to help contribute to the appeal of her work.

    Having cut her teeth shooting friends in the skate and metal scenes, Magdalena's style feels wholly authentic and natural. Not surprisingly, it's an aesthetic that has attracted the attention of big-name clients, such as Nike, Urban Outfitters and Ray-Ban to name but a few.

    This small selection of Magdalena's hazy, soft-focused travel images, shot in locations like Montana, Gothenburg and Ventura, CA, offers a nice sampling of her personal work.

    (via It's Nice That)





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