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Free Dive

  • Posted by on May 23, 2010 in Art
  • Photographer Kanoa Zimmerman, whose work focuses on human interaction with the natural environment, goes beneath the sea in a moody and mysterious new photo series, 'Free Dive,' which opened at Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco last weekend.

    For the collection, Zimmerman traveled with friends and pro surfers Mark Healy and Aamion Goodwin to Fiji, where they relied on spear fishing for sustenance, deliberately placing themselves in the food chain and reconnecting with a primeval way of life.

    Healy, a surfer from Hawaii, explains the trip:

    "The islands we dove near are some of the most remote in all of Fiji. We spent weeks on end spearing fish for food, living a feral existence and exploring these specs of sand and coconut trees in the middle of the ocean. When I was on these islands, my thoughts were as clear as they've ever been, being wholly consumed with our basic day-to-day needs and the sheer beauty of the environs. You 'need' to catch enough fish to provide enough protein to get you through the day--you 'need' to keep the fire going in case the matches run out. It's a month long meditation. It's my 'reset' button."

    For more of Zimmerman's work, check out his portfolio site.






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