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Gas Station Rankings

  • Posted by on January 31, 2010 in Business
  • In a perfect world we'd all be flying around the city in upcycled bathtubs with wings, powered by garbage-burning engines that emit nothing but cold, fresh drinking water. Last time we checked, those weren't invented. So for the time being, we'll have to make do with our hybrids and our—gasp!—fully gas-powered vehicles.

    Which means, as of now, gasoline is a necessary evil. While this may not make us happy, it pleases the companies that sell gas—which, it should be noted, are most often the very same corporations that explore for petroleum, refine it to gasoline and distribute it to retailers (themselves).

    But which gas stations can we feel better (or less worse) about giving our dollars? Well, the bright PhD'ers behind the Better World Handbook took some time to figure it out for us, presenting their findings in chart format.

    The Social Responsibility Rankings for Gas Stations place gas retailers in order of how they impact the planet and humanity. At the top is Sunoco, which gets full marks for its green initiatives. At the bottom—this will surprise no one—is ExxonMobil, which gets the lowest grade for its multiple envrionmental and human rights black marks.

    Check it out here.





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