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Goats as Lawn Mowers

  • Posted by Mitchell Flexo on October 31, 2010 in Home/Garden
  • In Portland, OR, a new "eco-landscape management" technique is shunning gas-guzzling lawn mowers in favor of a furry, four-legged alternative. At an empty two-acre lot in midtown Portland, a herd of goats is happily working to keep grass and weeds under control. The emissions-free mowers can trim just as much grass as a gas mower, without the requisite fossil fuels and noise pollution. And the goats neutralize all weed seeds that they do not digest, meaning fewer weeds next year. There is however one by-product: goat poop, but it's a great soil amendment in any case. The only catch? It will cost you $300 to rent a herd to manage your lawn.

    (via Treehugger)

    Photo: Goat Rental NW





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