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GOP to Nix 'Green the Capitol' Program?

  • Posted by on December 14, 2010 in Politics
  • Believe it or not, Capitol Hill is a hotbed of eco efficiency. The Christmas tree out front of the Capitol is outfitted with energy-saving LED lights. Inside, staffers print with recycled paper and eat with compostable utensils under the glow of eco-friendly CFL lights.

    Most (but not all) of these green measures can be attributed to Nancy Pelosi's Green the Capitol program, which replaced a bunch of wasteful traditions in Congress with smarter alternatives.

    But, with the GOP getting ready to take on an expanded role on the Hill, purse strings are being tightened and pet Democrat projects like Green the Capitol could find themselves on the chopping block.

    Republican congressman Jack Kingston told the Washington Post he thinks the program will be targeted for cuts. "I don't know how much of it is puff without substance and how much of it is really consequential [energy] reduction."

    Last April, a report issued in the House said the Green the Capitol program reduced energy consumption in House office buildings by more than 20 percent, reduced water use by more than 30 percent and saved or recycled more than 2,000 tons of paper.

    Fortunately, the program may be rescued by its cost-saving merits. After all, you don't have to believe in global warming to believe in saving money.

    (via Washington Post)

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