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Grazin': Farm-to-Table Diner Opens in Hudson, NY

  • Posted by SHFT on October 14, 2011 in Food
  • The Hudson Valley in upstate New York is known for small-scale agriculture, making the town of Hudson a perfect place for a restaurant that sources all of its food from nearby farmers. Dan Gibson, a local farmer, thinks so. Gibson just opened Grazin', a diner that takes "farm-to-table" ideas seriously. The first restaurant in the USA to be certified Animal Welfare Approved, Grazin' serves down-home dishes featuring ingredients from family farms in the area -- almost all within an 11-mile radius.

    The diner's flagship dish is the burger, with beef from Gibson's very own environmentally-friendly, pasture-raised Black Angus cattle farm, just a few miles away. Grazin' Angus Acres farm relies primarily on wind power, and Gibson and crew keep their process completely natural, from start to finish.

    With buns from Hawthorne Valley, a neighboring biodynamic farm, topped with cheese from Hawthorne Valley and Consider Bardwell Farm, a century-old grass-fed dairy nearby, these burgers are as local as they get. And because no diner experience is complete without a milkshake, customers can wash down their meals with milkshakes made with homemade ice cream and organic milk from Grazin's neighbors at Milk Thistle Farm.

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