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Greasy Clean

  • Posted by on April 26, 2010 in Food
  • Marshal Dostal has been scavenging waste grease from top restaurants around L.A. for over five years, then converting it to biodiesel to power his vintage Mercedes.

    But biodiesel distillation produces waste glycerin, and drums of it were accumulating in Dostal's garage.

    So Dostal and his wife decided to do something about it, crafting a glycerin-based handsoap under the name "Further." The tastefully branded liquid cleanser, infused with olive, bergamot and grasses, took off.

    Last year, in a genius PR move, Further partnered with Mozza—the excellent L.A. pizzeria and osteria co-owned by Mario Batali—to make products from the kitchen's waste grease. You'll find Further handsoap in all Mozza restrooms.

    Checking in a year later, Further is growing and going strong. Dostal has added a scented candle and a lotion to the range of products, and plans for shampoo and conditioner are in the works.

    You can order all Further products online.





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