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Great Barrier House

  • Posted by SHFT on January 28, 2011 in Architecture
  • Great Barrier Island, off the northern coast of New Zealand, is an awe-striking natural landscape characterized by wind-swept coastline and Puriri woods. Nestled among the forest is the Great Barrier House, a beautiful piece of sustainable architecture that's enough to make you drool. Designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, the elevated home is made from sustainably-harvested timber and features rain catchments and solar power.

    The family who owns is are understandably psyched with the results. Here's what they told the architects in an email:

    “It is an astonishingly decadent feeling lying in a bath of free water, heated by the sun, pumped by solar power. Free as anything! Hot water gets up to 68 degrees in the tank from the sun, and has to be cooled to come out the tap. With 9 staying and all the laptops, music, washing etc we’ve only run the generator 3 times ever. All the irrigation systems do clever things. So it’s more than a PC nod to sustainability, as you know from all our fussing about timbers and paints.”

    Jealous yet? Same here. 





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