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Greenbacks for Greentech

  • Posted by SHFT on January 27, 2011 in Business
  • Money likes green technology.

    According to the latest data from Thomson Reuters, American greentech startups landed four of the five top grossing venture capital rounds of 2010. But for Twitter, eco-tech companies would have cleaned up the top five spots. 

    The top spot was taken by Better Place, an electric car charging startup which took in $350 million in May. That investment beat last month's $200 million infusion for Twitter. Rounding our the top five were $150 million for solar thermal company BrightSource Energy, $110 million for Abound Solar, and $105 million for Trilliant, a smart grid networking startup.

    When financiers are betting on a cleaner future, the time for politicians to wake up is long overdue.

    (via GigaOm)

    Photo: CEI





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