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Greener Gadgets Winners Announced

  • Posted by on February 26, 2010 in Design
  • The results of this year's Greener Gadgets design competition were announced Friday in New York.

    And while according to Treehugger neither the judges nor the audience were roundly impressed with the entries, there were some pretty cool ideas on the shortlist.

    The defining concept of the conference was that we need is not more stuff, but innovations that make stuff we already have help us live more sustainably.

    On that note, the overall winner of the design competition isn't really a gadget at all, but a cellphone app that helps people choose local, sustainable foods. Augmented Living Goods allows users to scan a barcode of a grocery item with their cellphone, then instantly gives the low-down on the producer, how far the food has come, if the product is in season, historical pricing, and detailed consumer ratings .

    Second place went to the Empower chair, a rocking chair designed for public spaces that converts the sitter's rocking motion into electricity, allowing them to power laptops and other gadgets.

    The third place winner was the Illumicharger, which captures indoor light to gather an energy charge, which is stored in a battery and used to power USB devices.

    (Images via Greener Gadgets)





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