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Greywater is Good Water

  • Posted by Mitchell Flexo on November 24, 2010 in Politics
  • With freshwater reserves becoming more and more scarce, strategies that save and recycle water are becoming more and more important. Greywater systems, which reuse wastewater generated by sinks, baths, showers and clothes washers, are one such strategy.

    According to a new report published by the Pacific Institute, an Oakland, CA-based eco think tank, 50% of the water used inside U.S. homes can be reused to irrigate landscapes and flush toilets. The Overview of Greywater Reuse also says that while thirty American states have greywater regulations in place, there is no national policy on the matter.

    Drought-plagued Australia, which offers residents financial incentives for greywater systems, is noted as the global leader in greywater recycling. With climate change adding pressure on freshwater reserves here in America, we have plenty to learn from the folks Down Under. Let's push forward to standardize greywater regulations across state lines, and to also create incentives for people to engage in the activity.

    (via LA Times)

    Photo via Daily Green





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