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In London, a Farm in a Shop

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on November 8, 2011 in Food
  • At an empty storefront in East London, a group of designers led by the crew from Something & Son have opened what must be the world's first farm in a shop. The disused shop has been transformed into productive urban farm with hydroponic and aquaponic plants, a backyard garden, a rooftop chicken coop, and tilapia in the front room. Meanwhile, the bottom floor dishes out homegrown goodies featuring ingredients produced onsite.

    Located in the Hackney district of East London, FARM:shop is part of the Art in Empty Spaces program which aims to fill vacant commercial spaces in the neighborhood with community-building projects. The team behind FARM:shop have heeded the call and then some, attracting culinary star power like Jamie Oliver to throw their weight behind it. 

    For more, check out this BBC News video on the project. 

    (via Springwise)





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