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In the Great Outdoors with Andy Grellmann

  • Posted by SHFT on May 6, 2013 in Photography
  • Vancouver's Old Faithful Shop is one of our favorite indie retailers and also happens to have a damn good blog. That's where we recently got hip to the work of Pacific Northwestern photographer Andy Grellmann, whose film images of idylllic scenes have us yearning for our next outdoor adventure. Like all great photography, Grellman's images from the lakes and forests of the Coast Mountains carry simple, open-ended narratives that leave the viewer wondering what happened next.

    Asked about the draw of the great outdoors, Andy explained:

    My family owns a cabin in Whistler in a quieter part of the town, and so I was fortunate to have that access and opportunity growing up. My backyard is basically a giant mountain. I'm also fortunate to have some good friends with cabins in other parts of BC. I try and get out to a cabin setting at least once a month. When the city vibe isn't doing it for me, I'll usually head as far west as I can to get away from the noise.

    Catch Andy on Instagram here.

    (via Old Faithful)





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