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Italian Sink/Toilet Design Saves Water, Looks Amazing

  • Posted by on March 31, 2010 in Design
  • We'd like to thank Roca and Gabriel and Oscar Buratti for the gorgeous and uber efficient sink/toilet combo. The all-in-one sink and toilet are made from vitreous china, designed to maximize space and conserve water. The technology uses waste water from the basin to fill the toilet cistern, thereby reducing water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard dual-flush toilet.

    The basin in W+W has two wastes – the basin waste and one further down the waste pipe. Once the basin has been used and filled with water, the user has the option of either diverting it to the mains (e.g. if the basin is being used for shaving, or brushing teeth), or recycling it by storing it in the cistern ready for the next flush...MORE

    (Via Dezeen)





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