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Joni Sternbach: Surfland

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on June 21, 2013 in Photography
  • New York-based photographer Joni Sternbach specializes in the wet plate collodion photographic technique originally used during the American Civil War. The process requires a portable darkroom, since the wet plates have to be exposed and developed within about 10 minutes. In her amazing SurfLand series, Sternbach captures portraits of surfers from New York to Australia. The juxtaposition of subject and technique reveals an interesting contrast between modern surf culture and an extinct camera technology.

    She explains:

    SurfLand is an ongoing project of contemporary portraits of surfers created using the historic wet-plate collodion process. The photographs are a unique blending of subject matter and photographic technique. Using the instantaneous wet-plate collodion process, I am creating one-of-a-kind tintypes that are imbued with a feeling of ambiguity, timelessness and mystery.

    (via CH)





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