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Light Sanctuary

  • Posted by on August 17, 2010 in Art
  • Turns out that large-scale clean energy projects don't have to be ugly eyesores. The mirage-like Light Sanctuary, a desert sculpture that does double duty as a 5,000 megawatt solar energy facility, proves it.

    Designed by New York architects Decker Yeadon for a remote area near Dubai, Light Sanctuary's 25-mile array of photovoltaic panels form a wavelike structure that undulates through the dry landscape like a desert mirage.

    The concept has been shortlisted as part of the Land Art Generator Initiative, which asked designers to come up with land art installations that can also produce energy.

    In the hilariously arty words of the architects: "The ribbons are folded and swooped and caressed into complex waveforms that evoke natural landscape formations of desert and coastline, sand and water, but are optimized for the oriented exposure of the surface to light, heat, and shade."

    Translation: It looks awesome but it's functional too.

    (Via Treehugger / Fast Co Design)

    Images: Decker Yeadon





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