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Male Birth Control On The Horizon

  • Posted by Max Lugavere on September 9, 2012 in Science/Tech
  • Fellas, rejoice. The fine scientists over at Texas A&M University have announced that they are hot on the trail of a new birth control pill... wait for it... wait for it... for men!

    The team discovered that a compound called JQ1 acts as an inhibitor to sperm production and also sperm mobility, two features necessary for male fertility.

    "JQ1 prevents both," says Qinglei Li, an assistant professor in Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, part of a team of researchers led by Martin Matzuk at Baylor College of Medicine and James Bradner at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who made the discovery.

    "It stopped the sperm production very dramatically. More good news is that there appear to be no side effects whatsoever. Once the JQ1 was no longer given to the mice, they were back to their normal reproduction rates, and it did not affect mating behavior or the health of the offspring."

    This is great news. This advance would obviously give the homies a little more control over the fate of their swimmers, and for that, we salute you, scientists!

    (via Gizmodo)

    Photo: Peter Arnold/Getty Images






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