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Mark Tipple: The Underwater Project

  • Posted by SHFT on February 16, 2012 in Photography
  • Aussie surfer and photographer Mark Tipple has always been fascinated by what goes on beneath the surface of the sea. As an escape from his regular documentary photography practice, Tipple began shooting swimmers and surfers from under the surface of the ocean off Australia's eastern coast. The results are assembled in the ongoing Tipple series, "The Underwater Project," and they're some of the best underwater photos we've ever seen. 

    Says Tipple:

    "Coming from a surfing background I used to wonder what happens when we’re duck-diving, like, what it looks like from a different angle than what we can see. Kinda hard to explain but it has always been on my mind. I used to surf with a small video camera and housing attached to my helmet, it worked surprisingly well but my neck couldn’t take the impact and stress while trying to duck-dive and capture the right angle. Even tried to turn it back on myself to see what happens clearer but that, uh, sucked. I looked for a new approach to capture what I was seeking, which basically meant getting off the surfboard."





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