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Mark Wickens Snaps Sweet Wilderness Pics

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on April 29, 2011 in Travel
  • Born in London, England, Mark Wickens lived in New York and New Orleans before settling to San Francisco, where he currently spends his days working as an architect. On the weekend, when he feels inspired, he packs up his camera and heads for the Great Outdoors to shoot photos. 

    "Usually, I’ll head out into the wilderness and see how things develop," he says. "Here in Northern California, the weather often changes dramatically from hour to hour, so you never know what kind of light you might get."

    While he's interested in expanding his photographic practice outside of landscapes, the pull of nature keeps drawing him back. 

    "For me, photography and exploring the natural landscape go hand in hand in that one encourages the other and vice versa. I'd like to shoot more portraits and the like, but keep coming back to landscapes because of the quiet, solitary nature of the process."

    Check out more of his work at his portfolio site





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