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Matthew Brandt: Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Posted by SHFT on January 14, 2012 in Art
  • In his "Lakes and Reservoirs" series, LA-based artist Matthew Brandt subverts the hackneyed practice of landscape photography, emphasizing the properties of photo production over the actual landscape depicted. Photographing water bodies around the Western US, Brandt soaks his images in the water of the depicted subject for anywhere from a couple days to several months, until the photo achieves the look he desires. The results, while totally unique and experimental, are actually achieved quite easily. 

    "The procedure in making the Lakes and Reservoirs is fairly simple," Brandt says. "I visit a lake and/or reservoir. I photograph it and collect water from it, then make a C-print of this photograph and soak it in the water that was collected. The outcome is the reaction of the image of this lake or reservoir that has been soaked in its own water over a period of time. They are circumstances of a Lakes’ image that meets its real substance."

    View more of Brandt's water-drenched photography here





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