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Megacities: The Future of the Planet

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on July 29, 2014 in Photography
  • In 2001, Goldman Sachs economist Jim O'Neill coined the term 'BRIC' in reference to the megacities of Brazil, Russia, India and China -- urban magnets that he rightly predicted would drive economic growth in the coming years. Drawing in rural workers with the promise of higher wages and a higher quality of life, the ever-growing BRIC megacities are defined by the fine balance between expanding population and limited physical space.

    British artist Marcus Lyon explores this hyper-urban future in his BRICS series of composite images. The works amplify the built environments of megacities like Sao Paulo, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai, showing buildings stacked upon buildings as if these urban centers had been injected with anabolic steroids:

    In 2010 these 4 countries account for 25% of the world’s land mass and 40% of its population. In 2025 the BRIC economies will have created at least another 200m consumers with per annum incomes over $ 10,000. By 2050 the BRICs will eclipse the combined economies of Europe and America. Whichever way it is examined the megacities of the emerging markets are the defining human environments of our time.

    View more from series on Lyon's website.

    (h/t Lens Culture)





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