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Neorustica Furniture

  • Posted by on December 5, 2010 in Design
  • Sao Paulo-based designer Brunno Jahara has unveiled a new collection of scrap wood furniture called Neorustica. Produced by NDT Brazil, a local furniture factory that specializes in working with wood leftover from construction sites, the line of 10 tables, containers and benches pay respect to the country’s rural background. Each Neorustica piece is named after a shanty town or favela in Rio de Janeiro, where Jahara is from.

    Sustainability runs though every aspect of the collection. From the press release: "The varnish chosen is non toxic and water based paints were used. They will be sold in scratched white, scratched black and multi-colored. The inside material of each container is made of a special laminate made out of recycled PET bottles. This laminate is both durable and easy to clean."


    (via Dezeen)





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