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Old Paintings of London Remixed with Google Street View

  • Posted by SHFT on March 12, 2014 in Art
  • Depending how you look at them, these fascinating images will surprise you for how much -- or little -- London has changed over the past few centuries. Created by Reddit user Shystone, the images combine paintings of London from the 18th and 19th centuries with the same modern-day settings depicted by Google Street View. With a deep knowledge of historical art of London, Shystone deftly places each painting, as one would a puzzle piece, in the exact place it belongs on GSV's shot. Much like with the short film “London, Then and Now,” the viewer sees how landmarks like the River Thames and Westminster Abbey looked way back when versus today. 

    You can read the Shystone's breakdown of each mash-up here.

    Images, left to right:

    1. Westminster Abbey with "Procession of Knights of the Bath" (1749), Canaletto 

    2. "Northumberland House" (1752), Canaletto 

    3. "A View of Greenwich from the River" (1750-2), Canaletto 

    4. "View of the Grand Walk" (1751), Canaletto 

    5. "Covent Garden Market" (1737), Balthazar Nebot 

    6. "St. Martins in the Fields" (1888), William Logsdail 

    (via The Atlantic Cities)





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