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Ordinary People, Overlooked Beauty

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on January 2, 2018 in Art
  • Photographer Helena Georgiou captures subjects that are often overlooked as we go about our daily lives. Her impressive portfolio features many portraits of people that we'd probably pass by on the street without a second glance. Georgiou gives them the proverbial spotlight in her compositions, with one facet of these portraits set against bold outdoor landscapes. Using vibrant colors and repeating patterns, these people—some front and center, other obscured—are framed by their surroundings. The result is eye-catching minimal photography art.

    Georgiou’s fine art photography is the result of her passion for “creativity and details.” She explains, “Through them, I express my feelings and also attempt to bring my experiences from my trips, thoughts. My greatest influences, however, are poetry and literature. I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is its ability to evoke an emotional response.”

    In pairing the small figures with grandiose landscapes, we’re reminded of two things: how beautiful the everyday world is, and how we’re one small portion of the giant whole. We should take more time to notice these quiet, unassuming moments while doing our part to make the world shine.

    By Sara Barnes

    Georgiou sells her work as prints. For more information, visit her Tumblr.

    Via My Modern Met






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