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Rain in the City: Photos by Christophe Jacrot

  • Posted by SHFT on November 29, 2013 in Photography
  • When the rain hits, Christophe Jacrot pulls out his camera and starts snapping. The Paris-based photographer started taking pictures of the rain almost by accident. He had a commission for a travel book about Paris, and the brief called for sunshine. But the weather at the time was rotten, so he had the idea of starting a photo series on Paris in the rain. It turned out so well that he continued the concept in other cities, including New York, Tokyo, and Taipei. The images beautifully capture the romantic, downcast splendor of rain in the city.

    Explains the artist:

    "In my opinion, there are two ways of capturing the world for a photographer; on the one hand grasping its horror, and on the other sublimating it. I have chosen the second. More specifically, I like the way rain, snow and ‘bad weather’ awaken a feeling of romantic fiction within me, mainly in the big cities."

    (via iGNANT)





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