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River Rafting in Sweden

  • Posted by SHFT on May 4, 2012 in Travel
  • Thanks to Mark Twain, the image of a timber river raft drifting lazily downriver is forever embedded in the American consciousness. Over the years, it's become the ultimate symbol of escapist freedom. Now, you too can enjoy that very activity on your next holiday. The only catch? You have to travel to Sweden to make it happen.

    During the summer months, a Swedish eco tourism outfit called Vildmark offers self-guided river rafting trips through the dense forests of Värmland, along the Klarälven (Clear) River. It's an educational experience, with a knowledgeable Vildmark instructor teaching you and your travel mates how to construct a timber raft, complete with a free-standing tent, before sending you down the river. You can rent mountain bikes and fishing gear for the trip, and with the raft drifting along at walking speed, there will be plenty of time for fishing and stopping to explore.

    Looks like we have another addition to our list of must-do adventures.

    Spotted on the Aether blog.





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