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SHFT at Wanderlust

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on August 4, 2010 in All
  • When we were asked to come up to the sustainably produced Wanderlust -- the unique combination music/yoga festival -- who were we to say no? It's in the Sierra mountains in a gorgeous setting with a four day roster that included Moby and The Brazilian Girls. We spoke about the SHFT mission and environmental messaging through new media at what they call their Speakeasy. Everything about Wanderlust was easy. You slip out of a condo and into a blissfully warm dry alpine climate and take a yoga class at the base of the mountain. You can check out a great act on one of several stages, eat healthy food, listen to a cool lecture, and be among like-minded folks.

    We shot the first episode of LIGHTEN UP with The Honey Brothers for SHFT's first original series at Wanderlust last year. We not only spoke about SHFT this year, we also got some of the artists to talk to us about the difference of performing at a green festival. We'll be posting pieces on Moby and The Brazilian Girls soon, by the way.

    People there are super friendly and willing to share -- whether it's food or wine or what to do. I got some unsolicited advice (from a guy who was in the next urinal) to try the house-tea at the groovy hippie tea tent, which was not too far from the full-on rave going on at the bar, which was next to the path with outdoor light boxes filled with photography. There are young yoga parents, twenty-something ravers, and music lovers of all ages and stripes under the stars all communing with a laid back mix of music, yoga and enviro-friendly ideas and products. All in all, a swell place to be.

    Photography by Emily Caldwell and Ryan Salm





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