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SHFT Sampler 10-01-10

  • Posted by on September 30, 2010 in All
    • You've seen Simon Christen's stunningly epic time-lapse portrait of San Francisco. Now check out a similarly amazing video that David and Dan Newcomb made of Vancouver.

    • Darn. According to a NYT article, the oldest trees on the planet (the bristlecone pine found in Nevada's Great Basin National Park) may soon come in contact with both white pine blister rust and the equally devastating pine bark beetle. (via Cold Splinters)

    • Backyard sculpture or egg-shaped chicken coop? Both. The nogg is an eco-friendly, easy-to-clean home for your feathered friends.

    • The FutureGen clean coal project secured $1 billion in federal stimulus money. Huff Post has the story.





    Brooklyn Informed: Big Sue

  • Susan Boyle drops knowledge on the green building game.
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  • AgBag Backpack

  • Stylish, functional pack created from upcycled agricultural materials
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  • Johnson's Backyard Garden

  • Austin-based urban farm serves up organic delights
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