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SHFT Sampler 10-29-10

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on October 28, 2010 in All
    • Principles of sustainability are gaining traction in the fashion world. The new issue of JC Report has a nice feature on trends in sustainable fashion design, covering eco-minded brands like Chistopher Raeburn and Bodkin.

    • Spotted on Treehugger, designer Adrian Johnson's Fridgecouch, made from recycled fridges and salvaged car seats. Cool.

    • In the 1970s the EPA hired freelance photographers to capture photos of environmental problems in America. The collection, entitled Documerica, is up for view on Flickr. (via Nothing is New)





    Nick Gentry: Obsolete

  • Outdated floppy disks repurposed as art canvases
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  • Recycled Billboard Planter

  • Ad banner repurposed as a colorful planter by NottyPooch
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  • SHFT Sampler 2-4-11

  • Mountaintop mining, Volt vs. Leaf, vintage babes in nature, and more.
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